Old Neon Sign Frame Removed from Fox Theatre Roof

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September 7, 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the Fabulous Fox Theatre’s 1982 reopening. To celebrate, we’re sharing 30 posts in 30 days here on Behind the Jeweled Curtain during the month of September. Thank you for 30 Fabulous years, St. Louis!

On Tuesday, September 18, a 160 ft. crane removed the steel sign frame from the roof of the Fox Theatre. The frame was dismantled and removed in pieces and the process took over a week to complete and one day for the crane to remove the pieces.

This frame was originally installed in 1929 to hold the neon Fox Theatre sign. It stands 30 ft. tall and weighs approximately 25 tons. The frame had to be dismantled into 7 different pieces and each piece had to be lifted and lowered onto Grand Blvd. for further dismantling. The structure is being removed due to deterioration and to allow for a smooth re-roofing to take place later this year. 

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September 26. 2012 08:46

Its too bad that it couldn't be restored, but safety should be first!!  Any pictures of the completed project?  It probably looks a bit strange since the frame has been a part of the midtown landscape for years! Thanks for taking care of this gem.

Louis Kerchoff

September 26. 2012 09:22

Hi Louis, Thank you for your comment. The Fox really is a gem! We always strive to keep it in the best condition so that current patrons and future patrons alike are able to enjoy it. While it's sad to see the frame removed, it allows for that portion of the roof to be replaced. We will definitely share some photos of the completed project here soon.


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