Fabulous Features: The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ

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September 7, 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the Fabulous Fox Theatre’s 1982 reopening. To celebrate, we’re sharing 30 posts in 30 days here on Behind the Jeweled Curtain during the month of September. Thank you for 30 Fabulous years, St. Louis!

One of the most iconic features of the Fox Theatre is the mighty Wurlitzer organ. One of only five of its type ever created, and one of only two which remains in its original home, the Fox Wurlitzer Organ is center stage and at the heart the Fox Theatre.

The Wurlitzer deserves to be called “mighty” with its four keyboards, 2,700 pipes,  36 ranks and sound powerful enough to reach every corner of the spacious Fox Theatre.

When the Fox theatre reopened in 1982, great care was taken to restore the Wurlitzer to its original glory along with the rest of the theatre.

Stan Kann played the Fabulous Fox Theatre's mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ from 1953 to 1975, performing between movies and at special events and became the longest-running theatre organist in the United States. He returned to play the Fox Theatre organ during tours from 1998 – 2008.

Today, guests can enjoy organ performances at one of the two Wurlitzer organs located in the theatre during Saturday public tours. Guest organists include Dennis Ammann, Ken Iborg, Jack Jenkins, Jack Moelmann, and Ed Plitt.

Be sure to check out the wonderful segment from Living St. Louis which explores the theatre and provides a unique look at the magical behind-the-scenes workings of the Fox Theatre’s Wurlitzer organ.

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