Fabulous Halloween Costumes!

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Halloween is almost here! Do you have your costume ready? If you’re still looking for ideas, we’re here to help! We’ve picked out three Broadway-inspired costumes that will suit your Halloween style. Enjoy!

Elder Price from The Book of Mormon

Fabulous For: Gentlemen who want a funny, yet simple, costume.

I would like to share with you this most amazing costume idea!  If you like your Halloween costumes to be a little irreverent, and easy to assemble, let The Book of Mormon inspire you!

photo by Joan MarcusTo get Elder Price’s all-American look, you’ll need:

-A white, short-sleeved, button up shirt

-A black tie

-Black pants

-A nametag

-A winning smile

How to: Tuck in your shirt and, if you have one, be sure to wear a black belt with your black slacks. Create a nametag identifying yourself as Elder Price (or use your own name if you like!). Don’t forget to show those pearly whites.

Bonus: It’s better to go two by two! Get a friend to dress as Elder Young so you can both spread the good word about one of Broadway’s hottest shows.


Mitzy’s Flip Flop Frock from Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Fabulous For: Crafty guys and gals who want a costume that stands out

“There is nothing like a new frock to brighten your day.” Mitzy’s flip-flop dress is one of Priscilla Queen of the Desert’s most iconic outfits, from both the film and Broadway musical. Entering any costume contests? With this look, you’re sure to be a shoe-in (sorry, we couldn’t resist)!

To get Mitzy’s fashion-forward look, you’ll need:

-A black dress (strapless or with spaghetti straps, with a hem above the knees)

-Brightly-colored flip-flops (if you don’t want to use real flip-flops, pedicure slippers work great for this costume; you can also make your own out of craft foam sheets)

-Something to connect the flip-flops (needle and strong thread, loose leaf rings, etc.)

-Material (cord, ribbon, chain, etc.) to make your dress straps

-Bubblegum pink wig

How To: This costume will require some skill! You’re going to make a flip-flop dress to wear over your black dress (see Mitzy’s photo for reference). First, make the vertical flip-flop panels (each panel will use 3 flip-flops). Next, you’re going to connect the panels to form the dress. Finally, attach your shoulder straps.

Make sure that you make the dress loose enough that you can easily put it on over your head. If you like, leave two of the flip-flops at the top unconnected, and then connect them after the dress is on. Make sure that the flip-flop dress fits over your black dress comfortably.

Don’t be shy with your makeup! You might want to practice applying this look a few times before the big night.

Bonus: If you really want to get into character, try talking in an Australian accent all evening!


Donna from Mamma Mia!

Fabulous For: Ladies who are looking for a comfortable, yet sassy, costume

Think overalls can’t be sassy? Think again! Donna’s outfits always have attitude, whether she’s wearing Dynamo spandex or her work clothes. Take a cue from Donna for this easy (and comfortable) Halloween costume!

To get Donna’s laid-back look, you’ll need: 

-A pair of overalls

-A light-colored peasant blouse

How to: Leave one of the overall straps undone, and don a pair of casual shoes. A messy hairstyle completes the look! 

Bonus: Donna is making repairs to the Taverna when Bill, Harry and Sam pop back into her life so a drill makes a great prop! The drill also doubles as an impromptu microphone so that you're ready to sing along, as loudly as you want, to any Abba tunes that are played during the evening! Be sure to catch Mamma Mia! at the Fox Theatre November 22-27. 

Do you have any fun Broadway-inspired costume ideas that you’re going to wear this year, or have worn in the past? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below! If you have any photos, be sure to submit them to Broadway.com’s Halloween costume contest.

Have a safe and Fabulous Halloween!

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